Kingdom Story’s Response to COVID-19:
Perspective and Prayer

Friends of Kingdom Story,

I (Branden) wanted to share some thoughts as it relates to the pandemic of the COVID-19 Virus.

If you are like John and I, you have been receiving all kinds of information and updates on the practical aspects of our situation. By all means, listen to those smarter and wiser than us and of course, continue to stay up-to-date (You can access current information at the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s Website) and share with others the correct and most updated facts to help them.

But John and I, like many right now, feel there is more to this story. Why? Because it’s part of God’s story, a bigger and eternal story. After having multiple conversations with John and others, I would like to share both my perspective and a prayer concerning what God is possibly up too, and just how should Jesus followers be reacting and getting involved during this crisis?

The world is realizing that country boundaries, political parties, physical location, or even our ethnic construct cannot protect us from the spread of this virus. We are all equally frail, we are all equally in wonder about what to do next. But for one group, there is hope beyond the darkness. We know of the Light that darkness cannot overcome. It moves us to selfless service and love for the down trodden. I spent last night serving those persons experiencing homelessness on the streets of Tacoma. Those that I met have no concern about the stock market falling, they aren’t collecting toilet paper, the spread of COVID-19 is the least of their worries. They need a hot meal and a warm, dry, soft, safe place to lay their head. History records that it is the Church that has moved out during times of great disease to serve those in need. Not only those without homes but also children and the elderly that are unable to provide for themselves. 

This is not a time to horde. The God of the Universe has given us promises that we are commanded to hold on too. Jesus exhorts us in Matthew 6:34, “Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own troubles.” Just prior to this, Jesus is talking about the birds of the air and how they do not need to store up their own food and the lilies don’t need to spin their own clothes. Jesus tells us that if our Father in Heaven would clothe and feed the birds and the flowers, how much more would He do for us? Now is the time faith is stretched. We love when this verse applies to our anxious situation at work or in waiting for an acceptance letter to come. But when we are in real danger, when the people we love could be taken out by something we can’t even see, that is when we really figure out what we believe about the Words of our Savior.

I urge you to press into God. Find your comfort and guidance from the One who is not surprised or caught off guard. I believe that God is asking His Church to move into their destiny during this globally dark time. It is when the Church is at its best and it is when people are most open to the Power of God working in their lives. Ask God what He is wanting to be for you during this time. What new possibilities does He want to open up in your relationship with Him?

Do not shrink back, take authority in prayer, combat the fear, stand in the face of darkness, repel evil with love, and believe God for something big. We must stand firm.

God, we pray for our world during this time. You are not afraid and You always have a plan. How can we join Your Story in this chapter during this time? What is it that You would have us do? We pray for the Church during this crisis. We pray for divine revelation to be released on Church leaders. Revelation that would propel The Body of Christ into the next level of its relationship with You in the world. Lord, we pray for individual congregants of each Church, for their supernatural protection. We pray that an Army of Angels would surround Your saints. We pray that Your empowering presence would provide ways for your Church to serve those that need it most during this time as well as to provide wisdom and discernment to make wise decisions.

May we represent Christ with honor and dignity during this time Lord. Fill us with the hope of Heaven, that to be absent from this body is to be present with You. Not that we want an early exit but to be given the faith to stand firmly secure in the reality of eternal life. Father, we pray in the authority of Jesus Christ that You would speak a word that would vaporize this disease. We pray supernatural healing over all those who have been infected. We pray for Your glory to be released over the whole earth.

Jesus, we are humbled by Your selfless act on the Cross. May we truly understand the sacrifice made at Calvary and the power bestowed at Pentecost. Lead us Lord, we follow You, our mighty King.

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