Month: February 2016

Dessert Auction Celebration!

Kingdom Story Ministries Proudly Re-Presents our Dessert Auction Celebration! As supporters of KSM, this is your official invitation to our Dessert Auction Celebration, Saturday April 2. The last time we did this large event in 2012, KSM was launched. This time, nearly 4 years later, we are, in a real sense “launching" again. You helped [...]
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February Prayers

Praises & Prayers for KSM in February Thanks as always for your prayers: you are a gift to me and those impacted who are pictured above! PRAISE to you God for the those who attended and what happened on 2/6 in Puyallup in experiencing our “The Bible Reframed” seminar (see photo). PRAYER: Lead us Lord forward now [...]
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