Month: June 2020

Covid-19 and the Tower of Babel: Part 2

The first is the day of Pentecost. The events of this day bear striking similarities and contrasts to the Tower of Babel story. In a very real way, Pentecost begins the reversal of the nation’s scattering and babbling across the earth. The story actually starts with knowing that the apostles, joined by another hundred, spent forty days in Jerusalem waiting and praying […]

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Covid-19 and the Tower of Babel: Part 1

All of us are, of course, are currently living through the crisis of Covid-19. It is a well-used phrase but also a most appropriate saying that this crisis offers us both the reality of danger and the possibility of opportunity. The Covid-19 dangers are well communicated and often well documented. They report how many people will die or will have long term health implications […]

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