Kingdom Story #Giving Tuesday 2021 Project - Community Development Project

The Kakuma refugee camp is located in the western region of Kenya. The camp was established in 1992, following the arrival of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”. Today Kakuma has a population of more than 195,000 from 5 neighboring countries – making it one of the largest refugee camps in the world. Living conditions in the sprawling camp are appalling, with substandard housing, poor roads, inadequate water and sanitation. The camp is supposed to offer temporary homes, but many people now live there permanently. 

Kingdom Story and its Africa Director, Dr. Richard Mutura, have been visiting the camp for a year and are ready to launch two projects:

The majority of refugee’s at Kakuma are widows and children. They lost their husbands and fathers in the successive civil wars within the region. They are very vulnerable in camp. Though the refugees are given regular food rations, they have to look for a way of clothing themselves. The aims of the sewing project are –

  • Give women an activity to wake up to. Women are very good story tellers. Without a new story, they continue to retell stories of pain, anger and hatred to the next generation in the camp. By empowering them, we give them new rhythms and activities that not only earns them an income, but also creates a new story of hope and a future.
  • Use the sewing groups as centers for discipleship. The centers become community outreach engagements that catalyze the gospel of Jesus Christ among the refugees.
  • Provide twenty new machines – the cost of one sewing machine is $200.

The total need for this project is $4,000

Aerial photo of Kakuma camp

KS Africa Kakuma partners

DEEP (Discipleship and Economic Empowerment Program) The aims of DEEP are to:

  • Provide a program coordinator and resources to initiate and sustain DEEP program.
  • Help the “lost community” of South Sudanese in the camp gain a new narrative of hope, faith and a sense of future (both economic and spiritual) in a place full of hopelessness and despair.
  • Provide a path for identity, purpose and income for widows in the camp through the launching of micro-economic businesses.
  • Train Christ-followers to make disciples amongst the believers in the camp.

Total need for DEEP is $11,000