Genesis 3 Reflection – Ian Priestley


“Something changed in Adam & Eve after they ate the forbidden fruit. The story says that their ‘eyes were opened, and they knew that they were naked’. To me, this implies that they didn’t notice that they were naked prior… or perhaps, if they did notice, it didn’t bother them. In either case, after eating their awareness shifted — they became SELF-CONSCIOUS.

Instead of looking out at the world, living simply and enjoying God’s creation, we started looking at ourselves. Becoming focused on SELF, I think we began to analyze how we might appear to others. Growing up, I was extremely self-conscious of how I appeared to others… if I caught a girl looking at me in class for instance… I would blush fiery-red! Where did this embarrassment come from? As an adult, I would be concerned about what others thought of me. I would want everyone to ‘like’ me. What is this innate fear?? Am I really so self-obsessed?

Eating from the tree of knowledge was a selfish act, and we identify very strongly to SELF. It’s all about ME in our world. We compare and compete, pitting our self-interests above all else. I have lived this way for most of my life. I have chosen selfish desires as a means to fulfillment, and I did this in my past to the extreme.

People ‘think’ we will gain a reward if we ‘win’ but, just as Adam & Eve’s reward of ‘wisdom’ wasn’t quite what they expected, we never gain the satisfaction or happiness we hoped for.

Selfishness is a spiritual disease. In the spiritual realm, the opposite of ignorance is not knowledge, but obedience to God.”