LI Student Reflection: Luke 24


A reflection on Luke 24 from Leadership Institute participant, Jeanne

This chapter of Luke was powerful for me.  There is a striking similarity between the two believers as they walked & talked and our KSM Leadership group:  John, Branden, Claire, Sammy, Julianne, Steve, Gene, Tom and I as we talk, ponder God’s story and  walk our own Emmaus road. We have reenacted the washing of feet & the breaking of bread at the Last Supper. I may not be able to see Jesus face to face but I see Him reflected in the lives of my fellow travelers. Our journey could not happen without other believers in the background: our pastors, supervisors, mentors & financial supporters. We may go our separate ways to be a blessing in our churches & communities but our lives are woven tightly into the tapestry of God’s story. We are part of the design that God Himself created.

As I read the interaction between the two believers & Jesus in Luke, for the first time I see & understand that Jesus was misunderstood by His followers & the religious leaders. His followers thought He was going to set up an earthly kingdom in their time & take vengeance on their enemies. He would be their conquering king. They were so blinded by disappointment that they didn’t even recognize Him as they walked with Him after He had risen. The religious leaders feared him & hated Him because He spoke truth to them about themselves & dared to claim to be the Messiah. How many times have I gotten upset & angry because what I said or did was misunderstood? Jesus was misunderstood to the cross & died taking on our sin & shame.

Part of our journey involves doing a reflection (which you are now reading) on what we learned that week or what God is speaking to us. Through weeks of doing these reflections everyone has slowly opened up emotionally & spiritually. Last week in class we did something different. We paired up to pray for each other. I almost didn’t share what I needed prayer for. At the last minute I confessed to Claire I need prayer regarding my struggle with my identity in Christ. As soon as the words were spoken something happened. My heart burned within me. A weight lifted. I had spoken out the very heart of the problem. I keep eating from the apple of the lies of the enemy & unbelief. My identity is in Christ Jesus. I am a new creation. My sins are forgiven. I was created for a purpose. I am blessed  with my identity in Him in order to be a blessing.

 ~ Jeanne