December Supporter Update


Christmas and Kingdom Story Ministries

On behalf of our entire Leadership Institute (LI) cohort of 2016, Merry Christmas! May this season be an excuse for God to ambush us all with the spectacular news that’s so easy to take for granted.

It’s an excuse for us to say thank you so much for supporting this work in our community and those in our LI cohort wanting more of Jesus, wanting their lives to be a blessing to others.

Here’s a glimpse from Jeanne Kopp, wife, grandmother and small group leader, sharing after our Lesson 7 – God’s commissioning of Joshua with promises, commands and blessings, to live into “the impossible.”

Jeanne’s Testimony


“This was an impactful lesson. But again, I feel that way after each lesson we finish. As a class we camped out on the question: Can you see any reason why it might be significant that God’s promises were given to Joshua come before His commandments?

I appreciate Branden giving us the time to discuss this question, turning it over & looking at it from different angles before giving us the answer: “God’s promises are a demonstration of His past faithfulness and future confidence. His commandments are our response to those promises and God’s rock solid love.”

That definition totally wrecked me.

I was convinced that keeping God’s commandments protected me from missing His promises. Heavenly Father, how I continually turn to a heart of religion that focuses more on my do’s and don’ts instead of YOUR “has done” and “will do’s.” The heart of religion focuses on my performance more than on Your perfect love. I keep trying to put on the rags of slavery (my well worn fear, pride, unbelief) when the rich robes of Your strength, Your courage, Your faith, Your forgiveness, Your love are already in my wardrobe. I am to continually put on the garment of praise. I only need to ask.

Thank you for Your promises. Thank you for Your word that, as I meditate & study Your precepts, I know more deeply that I am blessed to be a blessing.”