LI Student Reflection: Revelation 2 & 3


A reflection on Revelation 2 & 3 from Leadership Institute participant, Jeanne

After each Kingdom Story lesson we ask the church to write a reflection to help make the Biblical story more real in their own story. This week, we studied two letters from Revelation 2 and 3, where Jesus lovingly confronts two of the early church congregations.

Each participant wrote a letter to their church or the church in Pierce County using the same structure that Jesus used in Rev. 2 and 3. Here is Jeanne Copp’s letter.

To the angel of the Church of Pierce County write: These are the words of the Lord Jesus, the faithful & true witness, whom you serve.

“I know your works and your love for Me and for the Bible, written by men and inspired by the Holy Spirit. I know your commitment to reach the community you serve through outreaches such as food ministries and programs for children.

But this I have against you. You serve mammon instead of trusting in My provision. You have also forgotten My first commandment: To love one another above all else. Your petty jealousies and competing with one another are poisoning your effectiveness as My witness. There are factions within the church. You are in danger of devouring one another. To anyone who has an ear to hear; listen!:

Repent! Then forgive one another. Serve one another. Esteem your fellow believers as greater than yourself. Trust the Lord Your God for provision. You are a city on a hill. The unbelievers of Pierce County will say, “See, this is how we are to love one another. This is how we trust God! The Church of Pierce County serves the One True God!”

 ~ Jeanne