September Praises and Prayers


A little Miracle happened…and you may have prayed for it. In early July prayer email, we praised God for a new KSM partnership with Puyallup through Lighthouse church and asked you to pray for 20 Leadership Institute (LI) participants between the two programs. On August we had 1 signed up and a lot out there ‘interested.’ We were a little nervous. Branden, the board, my UPPC prayer group and I dedicated August to keep praying for 20. As of August 15, roughly ten were on the way to sign up. At our kick off retreat on September 10th, the 17th person signed up. And then we found out that 40 people have signed up for the Monday night class offered at Lighthouse church. And perhaps more important than quantity, the enthusiasm and receptivity of the 3 groups last week warmed our hearts.

“Thanks God for hearing our prayers and abundantly answering! And Lord, we pray for your favor in these new rhythms and relationships in all these classes launch in the weeks ahead.”