Our Story


The Creation of the Kingdom Story

This Bible study curriculum was authored by John Lewis in 1994. The primary audience was students, interns and staff involved in the UPS college ministry (1994-2001). John then served with the local church and Leadership Foundation (2001-11); in between John and his family did a two-year stint in Beijing, China, working with young adults. During this phase, the Kingdom Story was taught and experienced by over 500 people of all ages and denominations in the U.S. and China. It was translated into Chinese, two English versions were developed (group & personal study) and an introduction seminar and Bible Reframed were created.

The Birth of the Kingdom Story Mission

In 2012, John launched Kingdom Story Ministries to focus on the Kingdom Story approach and to serve churches and faithbased organizations. Over the years this has led to providing vital resources for kingdom impact in the Tacoma, Washington area through partnerships with organizations including the Tacoma Rescue Mission, Young Life and Youth for Christ, as well as in worldwide communities such as China and East Africa. During these years Kingdom Story trained over 70 people in the U.S., China and Africa to facilitate the distribution of curriculum; developed several adaptations for local and global audiences; and developed the Discipleship Reframed seminar to help churches develop cultures of discipleship.


What We Do and How We Do It

Kingdom Story seeks to begin where the early church began. Where converts from the pagan Roman Empire came to be grounded in the new life Jesus offers us. They started with knowing the story of Scripture. Knowing God’s story and our own place in that story is fundamental to the lifelong process of becoming like Jesus. Kingdom Story’s resources are designed to help you do just that.

Kingdom Story creates unique resources and makes them universally adaptable for all cultures and ages, teaching and distributing them throughout a worldwide and digital market.

We have three different and specialized offerings:

  1. Resources: The Kingdom Story, The Kingdom Story Experience, Kingdom Story Podcast, Blogs from John Lewis, Christmas Traditions, and The Passion and Purpose of the Cross. Many more resources will continue to unfold as the needs arise. 
  2. Experiences: KS staff can teach and facilitate a variety of pre-existing or customized experiences related to the Bible as God’s story and discipleship. We can train others to facilitate KS experiences. We have two ready and well received seminars, the Bible Reframed and A Discipleship Diagnostic. We can facilitate other participatory teachings, narrative sermons, retreats, etc.
  3. Consulting: Pastors who see afresh the value of The Bible as Story and the need for Jesus discipleship may want to take advantage of this aspect of KS. Creating a culture of discipleship in today’s church requires a sustained and cross “cultural” effort; support and strategy can be crucial.

Our Team

Rob DeKlotz - Executive Director

Rob is new to the team in 2020 and handles all the day to day operations of Kingdom Story and is the primary mover of our 2021-2023 Mission to Multiplication.

Founder and President

John Lewis founded Kingdom Story Ministries in 2012, and is actively serving as the President of the ministry.

Program Director

As Program Director, Branden is in charge of Kingdom Story’s discipleship development program.