A former participant in the Discipleship Institute, Andrew joined Kingdom Story in the summer of 2017. He provided significant help on our curriculum titled The Kingdom Story Way. Andrew is a gifted content editor and writer. 

Joining Kingdom Story was a turning point in my journey as a content editor and writer. Collaborating with John Lewis and Branden Hubbell on the material for Kingdom Story Way provided excellent creative challenges. The teamwork enabled me to sharpen my gift of creative writing, conveying ideas and narrative in the written word, and to enhance clarity in the editing process. 

Being part of the Discipleship Institute exposed me to layers of the Bible story that I had never noticed before. John’s unique vision for the Kingdom Story ministry and Branden’s natural gift as a teacher helped me see how my relationship with God could be stretched and deepened. Spending time with classmates, asking questions and listening to Branden teach provided a framework for me to explore the beautiful layers of God’s grand plan for restoration. 

Graduated cum laude with a B.A. in English: Writing Specialization from Central Washington University in 2011, I was poised to aim for the stars. Writing novels and screenplays were my chosen formants for artistic expression, but little did I know that there was still yet a lot to learn from God about His creation. Through the years, working normal day jobs, I wrote tirelessly to improve my creative lens, seeking guidance at every opportunity that social networking afforded. 

Looking back on years of trying, never being able to permanently lay my pen to rest under grueling challenges, I say God’s calling in my life is writing stories, conveying His message through narrative to inspire, caution and encourage. The Lord Jesus is a relentless Father who wants His children to come into who they are in Him.