Andrew was also a former participant in the Discipleship Institute. Andrew is gifted as a writer and content editor. Andrew joined Kingdom Story in the summer of 2017. He has provided significant help on our curriculum titled The Kingdom Story Way.

At the heart, I am a storyteller. Ever since I was a little kid, I liked to reenact parts of my favorite stories, whether it was a scene from Pride Rock in Disney’s The Lion King or the duel from the carbonite chamber in George Lucas’ The Empire Strikes Back.

When I was 15, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I loved using words to paint a picture in the mind of my reader(s). It was the economical option as opposed to filmmaking, which required lots of money and experience with camera work to make a good film.

I went to college in Ellensburg in 2009. It was a 2 ½ hour drive from the Puyallup area. My ultimate goal was to study filmmaking and creative writing. Wanting to graduate sooner, I opted for a stricter approach and narrowed my focus to English Language and Literature, which ended up being the official title of my degree when I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2011.

Out of college, I was prime for a career in the field of my passion. God had other plans, which for the next 7 years primarily focused on humbling me. It wasn’t my passion He was focused on. It was His. Over the course of those 7 years, it grew in me, a deep appreciation and reverence for The Gospel message, one of sacrifice and of love and compassion. Hollywood uses basic themes like redemption and revenge as basic premises to get a quick action thriller into production to expedite a buck here and there. God was teaching me how to see storytelling through His eyes.

Two years ago, I met Branden and John Lewis. It was to be a year of considerable spiritual growth for me. Little did I know though that The Kingdom Story was God’s choice for putting my creative passion to use for His purposes. The Bible has countless stories that have yet to be told, stories that can teach us deeper truths of who Jesus is and how deep His connection to the Father goes. As are the themes deeply woven into the lessons of this ministry, love and fear are the two most opposing agents in my walk with the Lord. The Kingdom Story challenges me to let go of my fear more and more, to yield more fully to the ever surpassing love of Jesus.