Micah joined Kingdom Story in the summer of 2017. He previously was a participant in the Discipleship Institute in 2015-16, helped to teach 2016-17, and asked to be an intern for our ministry in June of 2017.

I remember two years ago when I was looking for something more in life, something more than just a nine to five day job. Something more than just clockwork, something with meaning, purpose, and life! There, God met me and changed my desires of being a police officer and instead gave me the desire for ministry, in fact I was called to it! But it’s not easy having such a drastic shift in career path, but when God calls, you answer! So, I reached out to my youth pastor, and he reached out to other pastors in the area. Paul Moffett, a pastor at Lighthouse Christian Center responded with an opportunity to enroll in his Ethos academy, and that is where I met Kingdom Story. After that fleeting moment, my life was forever changed! Kingdom Story Ministries brings the Gospel to life in a way that is life-changing!

That first year, as a student was life changing, I came in with a heart desiring a deeper understanding of God, and left with the desire to tell others. But it wasn’t me who discovered that hidden desire, it was Branden and Paul. Branden, being my teacher while I was in the course helped me in growing to understand my passion for Scripture, and Paul being the pastor that he is, saw the spark in me, and he knew God was growing my Spiritual Gifts and changing me for the better. They then presented me with the idea of coming on as a teacher for the next year, to not only help teach and present the bible as a story of God’s kingdom, but also to disciple and shape me into the man that God has called me to be.

Over the course of this next year the goal is to continue growing as a disciple and shaping my understanding of the Gospel in the way that we present it as a story, but also for my own personal understanding of who God is regardless of context or situation. My role in Kingdom Story currently is to help with the process on the ground level, reshaping our content to best reach our intended audience so they too can have a life changing experience that brings God His deserved glory. When the time comes this fall, I will be assisting in the teaching process with both Paul in Puyallup and Branden in Tacoma. But that’s not all that I have been blessed with in this coming year, I will also be helping Branden coordinate and build both the Discipleship Institute and the Leadership Institute, to pursue not just God on a deeper level but others that I encounter on this journey!