Branden joined the Kingdom Story team in the fall of 2015, and is involved in the Leadership Institute program.  Read Branden’s story below and how he began his involvement with KSM.

My background begins as a coach. 11 years ago I began coaching the sport of all-star cheerleading. For many years I coached young men and women through the sport of cheerleading. However, the difference for me was that I also cared about the soul of the kid that was in front of me. I didn’t know it, but all those years spent coaching taught me transferable skills for how to be a discipler for Jesus Christ. After 11 years coaching, God called me out of the all-star cheerleading realm and into vocational ministry.

My ministry career began with Kingdom Story Ministries. I first became a student of the Leadership Institute in the fall of 2014. I wanted to grow deeper in the knowledge of Christ. I knew much about the scripture, but I didn’t know that it all connected somehow, and that the words on the paper had something to do with my life right now.  During the first couple of months as a student, John noticed in me a passion for God’s word, and for teaching and coaching people. He took me under his wing and I become an intern for Kingdom Story learning the ropes, traveling to China, and immersing myself into the curriculum as well as orienting my life for a life set on serving Jesus.

After a year,  I was brought on the KSM staff as the Leadership Institute (LI) Program Director. This  program is designed to take individuals through a 9-month intensive that will help participants develop fundamental leadership skills, relational skills, and scriptural knowledge. If someone wants to know Jesus and the Bible story better, and enter into God’s ongoing story in their own city, the LI can help get them there. I am passionate about the possibilities of this program for the future in Pierce County.