The essential elements of discipleship (life-giving relationships, compelling service and the study of scripture) address THREE MAJOR CRISES which individuals, institutions and communities experience – issues Jesus himself encountered and addressed in His experience with the 12 disciples:

FUNDAMENTALS: We live in a time where our Christian foundations have eroded and our cultural standard has shifted dramatically. Much of our weakness, especially with the younger generation, can be traced to our lives not having a firm and intentional mastery of the fundamentals.

How much more of a lasting difference could be made through us if our lives took more seriously the establishment of solid fundamentals first?


Through repetition and the weekly practice of skills taught during the Kingdom Story Experiences, solid Christ centered foundations begin to take hold in your everyday life.

TRANSFORMATION: We live in an age where most of God’s people are far more familiar with information and inspiration than  they are with transformation. 70-90% of American High School graduates are not actively following Christ four years later; statistics also show Christian lives are only negligibly different than those of non-believers.

Where are disciples being changed by Christ from the inside out in a spiritually enduring and civic-minded way?


Kingdom Story Experiences provides an environment for personal transformation to happen. The story of the Bible is integrated with personal lives, with the heart, the head, and the hands. People are encouraged to know their own story and share their vulnerabilities.

INFLUENCE: We live in a world where many fear that our problems today and tomorrow will be greater than our current capacity to solve them. The more we feel overwhelmed and paralyzed, the greater the opportunity for prepared and winsome Christ centered leaders — who have an influence — to take the stage.

Who is raising leaders with the power of Christ centered influence who can be change agents in our world?


Kingdom Story Experiences expose students to God’s commitment to social justice and transformation. It also gives a winsome perspective of the city in the Bible and of their own stories. Finding our place in God’s story frames the Kingdom Story commitment to raising up leaders who have an influence in the world.