The first step toward Kingdom Story Ministries was a bible study curriculum called The Kingdom Story.  The Kingdom Story was birthed as a creative and unassigned final project after John Lewis (KSM founder/KS author) finished his Masters of Divinity at Fuller Seminary. It was then, and is still now, many revisions later, the fruit of John’s attempt to synthesize truth from many sources: professors, students, failures and successes and of course above all, the Spirit. John led the first draft of The Kingdom Story with two Tacoma College Ministry staff/volunteer leaders in 1994.

Since its inception, The Kingdom Story curriculum has continually evolved and been revised.  While first developed for dedicated interns, other variations and resources were created to reach a wider audience in a greater variety of settings. When John and family moved to Beijing in 2005, two groups of Chinese and foreign disciple spent nine months doing the Kingdom Story experience. Over the last 3 decades, these experiences have impacted the view of God’s story for 9th graders and the elderly, new believers and seasoned Bible teachers, those in formal church to those who love to raise their hands.

A difficult season of ministry forced me into a time of discernment; in this season, it became crystal clear that the Kingdom Story, over many venues of ministry now embodied decades of learning and the heart of my consistent calling. That identified calling is the mission of Kingdom Story: multiply life changing discipleship experiences. With the encouragement of close partners in life and ministry, John started Kingdom Story Ministries in 2012. Since then, multiple resources have been either refined or made transferable to a larger audience to experience or teach. KSM is poised now for a season of service to others and strategic growth.